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The Quant vaporizer is a compact and quite portable device that is digitally designed with a battery that provides power for heating. It also has an OLED screen showing the battery percentage. It offers the smoking of the fresh taste of the vaporized dry Cannabis herb. It is portable in that it can be used anywhere as it can fit in your hands and can also be placed in the pocket during use. It consists of a heating chamber made of stainless steel that offers easy cleaning and is used to vaporize the herb and the flower. Above the room is a silicone mouthpiece placed on the lips and prevents lips from burning.

How to use

Since the quant vaporizer has a heating chamber that allows heating of the dry cannabis herb by convection, it is essential to maintain the quant vaporizer by cleaning from time to time. It also offers safe smoking via the removable silicone mouthpiece when placing dry cannabis and flower into the heating chamber. The herb is placed carefully and sparsely placed to allow space for the vapor to heat the flower and the herb. As you smoke, you can either increase smoke vapor production by turning the temperature setting upwards, but if you need smaller hits with less vapor, then you turn the temperature setting downwards.


Smoking of cannabis using the quant vaporizer is so convenient that it is a portable and compact smoking device with a tiny heating chamber, full battery, and a magnetic mouthpiece and can be used anywhere. You can carry out your work as you use it when placed in the pocket. The good thing is that the way it’s designed, especially its heating chamber, does not leave behind any smell on any part of your clothes, not even the pocket you place it in. It is also convenient because you do not have to struggle to put off what you lit as it has a digitized manner of doing so.

Environmental friendly and reliable

The heating chamber of the quant vaporizer offers the heat that gives you the full, flavorful taste that is way cooler than when smoking and ensures they last longer as you are only getting the needed ingredients from it. Burning wastes it, giving it a different taste as all the essential elements are burnt away and produce many unwanted chemicals that pollute the environment. Hence the heating chamber ensures the quant vapor provides an environment-friendly atmosphere. It also ensures you get the best flavor and that they last longer.